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Music Room for AIIAS Academy

WMI is supporting an urgently needed academy building with special focus on the music classroom at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS pronounced “I” “S”.) AIIAS Academy has an excellent music program and the children grow up loving to perform. AIIAS is an international graduate school with students from all over the world.

School leaders carefully visioned and projected the needs of musical groups such as choirs, string ensembles, keyboard classes, guitars and Filipino stringed instruments. The cost of construction in the Philippines is amazingly reasonable. The 23’ x 39’ music room will only cost US$30,000 for the room construction.

With a little more support, a piano and equipment storage and other music resources can be included. World Medics has already contributed some amount toward the project and we need another $10,000 to make this Music Room a wonderful reality.

WMI believes this is a great project in which you may like to invest.

 AIIAS music


Physical Therapy Assistants Endowment at LLU

The graduates of this program work with Physical Therapists in multiple treatment facilities ranging from private practice, care homes, retirement centers, to university health. One of the most rewarding areas of education at Loma Linda University is the Physical Therapist Assistant Program located in the School of Allied Health Professions. This program started in the late 1980s and has a class size of about 45 students each year. This is a 15-month program leading to an AS degree following one year of lower division college including prerequisites.

The graduates of this program work with Physical Therapists in multiple treatment facilities ranging from private practice, care homes, retirement centers, to university care settings. Many of these graduates are the first from their family to ever attend a university let alone receive education that qualifies them to assist in the treatment of various degrees of physical impairment. The learning curve is huge and the help to achieve success in this field requires hours of one-on-one teaching.

Carol Appleton has recently retired from 22 years of teaching and assisting these wonderful students coming from very diverse ethnic, religious and social backgrounds. She has requested that we help set up a fund at Loma Linda University to assist with cost of education and other needs of this financially-strapped group of students. Loma Linda University has agreed to start this fund once we have achieved $50,000.00.

World Medics Inc., has accrued about $30,000.00 (as of November 25, 2020) and invites donations to this very worthy cause.

Nichol Hall


World Medics, Inc. Sponsors Mission Worker in Malawi

World Medics, Inc., is pleased to sponsor Ms. Falesi Kaonga, an accountant in Malamulo Adventist Hospital in Malawi, to complete her Associate of Chartered Certified Accountants Certification (British equivalent to US CPA). After completing her coursework, she had registered to take the examinations earlier this year, but due to COVID-19 they were postponed. The examination has been postponed twice already. She is hoping to complete the course in September. Please remember Ms. Kaonga in your prayers.

In 2019, Ms. Kaonga graduated with a Master’s degree in Accounting from a local University in Malawi. She worked for the Seventh-day Adventist Conference in Blantyre, Malawi until her transfer to Malamulo Hospital in 2019. She is regarded as a very dedicated Adventist employee and World Medics, Inc. wishes her a successful and blessed career.

 Malawi worker



World Medics, Inc., has supported the mission work at Yerba Buena in Southern Mexico for many years. Most recently they helped pay for the new roof on the church that was completed just a couple months ago.

For over sixty years Yerba Buena has been sharing the Gospel and Love of Jesus to their community and beyond. In current times the clinic has a life style program, which is having successful health results. Political events have made many changes. Their board decided that donations will support the lay-workers. The lay-workers are fully dedicated and desire to share Biblical truths in all surrounding villages. Antonio Diaz was leader of the lay-workers in the area. He lived 88 years, a long-life sharing God's gospel and Love. The Bible stories have been shared in the cities but the outlying villages who do not speak Spanish now have Bibles in their own languages. Some more distant villages did not have any written alphabet until Antonio developed one they could learn to read.

There are still many, many villages with whom to share the Bible teaching and the story of Jesus and what He did for us. Soon there will be no more virus, tears nor death. Jesus is coming soon. We will see Antonio again and all his Mexican friends at the Pearly gates and meet Jesus face to face. Maranatha!


Bihinga SDA Church in Rwanda

The Bihinga Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rwanda has been a place of worship for the local community for over 60 years. The leaky roofs and dirt flooring rendered it unusable, especially when it rained quite frequently. This church building which houses about 230 church members was in need of urgent repairs. After much prayer, faith, and discussion, the members decided to build a new church to replace the old one. The local church members went to work providing lumber and labor. They also gave of their low income from their gardens. They contacted former members and their families, and others who had worked in that region previously. After nearly three years of hard labor, they are almost close to finishing the project. So far, they have spent about $55,000.

World Medics, Inc., contributed $5,000 towards this project. However, Bihinga needs another $6,000 to complete the flooring and provide the finishing touches. Please consider donating to World Medics, Inc. to help complete the Bihinga church building. 

Bihinga - August-2020


Gathering Place Strummers and Singers

The Gathering Place Strummers and Singers have regular broadcast times on Loma Linda Broadcast Network (LLBN)* and have additionally recorded several vespers programs performed at Loma Linda University Church. These are in CD and DVD format and have been distributed at various programs to members of the audience and to others who love to sing-a-long in the comfort of their home and car. We are in the process of reworking these recordings in order to have a wider range of distribution with easy access over the internet. Hymns never lose their value to all of us as the message is eternal and praising God is a forever privilege. Some of these hymns go back hundreds of years with Biblical messages that are timeless. Music that churched us as children is now seldom heard and we have received many requests to play these familiar hymns.

Donations to this fun project go to The Gathering Place Strummers Fund.

*Over a 100 programs of the Gathering Place Strummers and Singers recorded for Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN) are archived in

 Gathering place